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It is a sad fact that 3/4th’s of India still lives in rural landscape.
Despite the fact that we see few traces of development, we know that rural India is grappling to procure basic necessities like food, clothing and hygienic habitation – facilities they are continually deprived of.
The concept of ‘Health Safeguard’s Programme’ or what is aptly called ‘ GRAM AROGYA RAKSHAK YOJANA ’ stems from the fact that though we have made progress in Scientific research technology & communication, we are a society lacking in social initiative, connect and right thinking leadership. The concept purports to take health education and its accruing benefits to the rural masses through the spirited participation & enthusiasm of well meaning workers who wish to promote rural health, hygiene and habitation.
Modern science and medicine have reached the Taluka level. But the lack of medical infrastructure has deprived the rural dwellers of adequate medical treatment. Financial constraints, fear of the doctor’s prognosis and the exorbitant medical expenses are also sufficient reason to keep themselves away from health clinics. The rural woman prefer to go undiagnosed lending themselves unfortunately to slow atrophy – wearing away of the body.

The rural health programme aimed at the uplift of masses wishes to focus on health education that comprise of creating awareness about the importance of health, proper family planning and imparting the value of self restraint that would keep them away from the vices of smoking and drinking.

In true spirit of seva, the thrust would be not only finding solutions to the medical ailment of the afflicted individual, but to have consideration for his family life and maximize his happiness in whatever possible way to enable him to be a fitful member of society.
A Gram Arogya Rakshak at the rural area would play a key role in spreading awareness about the importance of health and also doing away with some of the superstitious practices that thwart progress. He could also convince the masses the effective use of medicinal plants and herbs, otherwise unknown to them.
The stress would be on a disease free life safeguarding physical, social, familial and spiritual health of the rural landscape. The concept aims to have a fit individual, healthy family, pleasing social environment from where shall emerge a happy nation.
Initially we have started 16 centers in different remote villages namely 1)Khadaki, 2)Dharkan, 3)Dhave, 4)Satrye, 5)Karanjol, 6)Karmalibudruk, 7)Nagargao, 8)Suranguli, 9)Ambeli, 10)Shivajinagar (khadaki), 11)Hivare, 12)Naneli, 13)Shingane, 14)Karmali, 15)Bambar, 16)Kodal. ;It may increase up to 25.

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